How To Get A Driver License In California?

Getting a driver’s license is a huge step toward adulthood and independence. And though the path to an unrestricted driving license in California might look like a long and complicated one, we are here going to share with you a comprehensive guide on how to get a driver’s license in California which can make the whole procedure smooth and stable.

How To Get A Driver License In California? – Complete Guide

The California DMV procedure can be complex. If you do not know how to navigate the appointments, forms, and tests, you’d be waiting a few months or more to get your driving license. This article will help you get your California driver’s license in weeks not months. Yes, you read it right.

Steps to get a driver’s license in California How Can I Get California Drivers License

1. Find an established residency – You are required to apply for a driver Californian driver’s license within ten days of entering the state. To do so, it needs an address, i.e., a place of residence.

2. Pick your DMV and make an appointment – Without any appointment, you will sit on those pinewood seats for a while.

3. Complete Form DL-44 – You cannot download this online. To pick it up you’ve to go DMV office.

4. Prove your identity – You have to prove your identity to get your driver’s license. You can use your birth certificate, Social security card, Certificate of naturalization, passport, or permanent resident card. These all documents must be genuine.

5. Pay the driver’s license fee – You can pay your fee in debit, check, or cash.

6. Take the written test – It’s a 30-question test. We recommend checking out the Driver’s Handbook beforehand. If you have come with an out-of-state driving license, there is no in-the-field driver’s test.

7. Pass an eye test – can you read the 1st line?

8. Pass the behind-the-wheel test

That is it! After you pass the behind-the-wheel test, you’ll be issued a temporary driver’s license. Then you’ll get an official driver’s license in the mail.

Age Restrictions

If you’re 18 or older in California, there’re no restrictions for you. Just follow the above steps. However, if you are sixteen years of age you’re only eligible for a provisional license after completing a driver’s education course. And if you are 17 and a half you are allowed to apply for a provisional permit without taking any driver’s education course.